Survey of small community groups in the North West

Manchester Metropolitan University in partnership with Community North West are carrying out an extensive survey of small community groups throughout the North West. The survey is part of a study into how community groups in the region are faring in the current climate, how they are responding to change and what support they may need in order to become more resilient.

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Getting out and about: Investigating the impact of concessionary fares on older people’s lives

This is the report produced following a piece of research looking at the benefits and quality of life improvements experience by older passengers using the free concessionary pass.

It is very interesting reading and raises some important and valid points (and I am not just saying that because I am the co-author).
Bus Pass Use_Qual of Life_Final20110707.pdf

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Service or product, passenger or customer

The bus industry is not quite like others industries. A significant discrepancy is that it is often described, and viewed, as providing a service rather than a product. Continue reading

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Passenger comfort and safety

Hi Nick,

Thanks for a reply.

I have to admit I made an error in the last email, there is somewhere along the 112 route where the speed limit is over 30mph. Greengate has a 40mph limit. However that does not negate my concern about the style of driving. Continue reading

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Passenger comfort and safety

To Bluebird Bus and Coach,

I took one of your 112 services out of Middleton today.

From the outset the driving style was was erratic, with harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. Continue reading

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Bus fares in Manchester Part 4

Are multi journey tickets value for money?

This is of course just like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’ The answer of course depends on which bus route you use*, how many journeys, and of what distance you are making (and the level/quality of service you receive). Continue reading

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Replies to Bus Fares in Manchester part 3b

Some good news from First.

After some liaison with First in Manchester, I got to ask the question to the right person; and got a definitive answer.

(edited on 13/07/11) Please be aware that it will take a while for the actions mentioned in the reply to be implemented, and for all staff to be aware of the changes. Please be patient. I will of course update you as/when I have any further news.

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